Braw Balms Visual Identity & Packaging

Braw Balms is a natural, hand crafted cosmetics range in Edinburgh, Scotland. This project showcases the design of the Braw Balms logo, stationery and creative direction for the product labels. The founder of Braw Balms has a great love for typewriter fonts which was incorporated into the logo's word-mark. An emblem was created to accompany the word-mark and represent different aspects oft the Braw Balms brand. Unique recipes are mixed for the cosmetics range by using natural cold pressed oils. The launch of the first range would include Sea Buckthorn Body Butter with Orange & Neroli, Essential Facial Oil, Essential Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin and Lip balm. The idea with the product labels was to keep it as clean and contemporary as possible. The blue product containers also reflect a true Scottish blue.

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