Kirsty Coventry Academy Visual Identity

I had the privilege to develop an inspiring brand identity for the Kirsty Coventry Academy. Kirsty, founder & Olympic athlete, believes that true success is only achieved once you share acquired knowledge and the skills you have mastered. It is your responsibility to pass on these gifts. Hence the existence of the Kirsty Coventry academy for Training Coaches, the Learn-to-Swim initiative as well as the Ambassador Programme for water safety, drowning prevention and anti-doping, amongst others. “Some of us train to become artisans; and others to provide a necessary service. Then there are those who train to transcend expectations. When they succeed it instills hope; inspires change and encourages improvement. They become powerful; blessed and perhaps willingly burdened with the immense responsibility to channel their influence and fuel positive change in, and for, others.” (Brand story developed in collaboration with copywriter Natascha Strauss.)

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